• Search Interface is divided in 3 Parts
    1. Categories
    You can select from three different Categories
    a) Wordmark,
    b) Device Mark, and
    c) Phonetic.
  • 2. Criteria, Keyword & Condition
    Criteria refine your search. It changes on the selection of Categories.
    b) For DEVICE MARK you have {‘VIENNA CODE’, ‘CLASS’}
    c) For PHONETIC you have {‘WORDMARK’, ‘CLASS’}
    PHONETIC search produces the result for WORDMARK sounding similar. So it may
    take long time to give result.
    ‘CLASS’ criterion is common to all categories and is compulsory to enter. You can
    look up for Classes through ‘Class Details’ link.
    In condition dropdown list you can either select ‘AND’ or ‘OR’ to precise your search.  
  • 3. Search Button
    After entering keywords & selecting your conditions click on ‘Start Search’ button
  • To make Search:
    Step 1:
    Select a category from the Category part
  • Step 2:
    Then you need to give keyword in the box corresponding to WORDMARK label (As shown in
    figure below)
  • Step 3:
    From the Prefix drop down select either “Starts With” or “Contains”. In “Starts With” prefix,
    the process will search any word starting with the entered keyword (e.g. in the above search
    all the marks starting with word “TATA” will be returned). In “Contains” prefix, the process
    will search any word containing the entered keyword anywhere in the name (e.g. if you are
    searching the word “consultancy” with Contains prefix, it will return all the Trademarks
    name where consultancy is coming anywhere in the name).
    From the condition dropdown you can select prefixes either ‘AND’ or ‘OR’ Here we have selected ‘AND’.
  • Step 4:
    Then you need to enter CLASS (ranging from 1-45) in the box corresponding to ‘CLASS’
    criterion, which is compulsory.
  • Step 5:
    Then click on ‘Start Search’ button to continue
  • Step 6:
    You will get your desired result.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)